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Which blinds to choose for my home?

We like to make awesome blinds and provide good service, but sometimes for us it is hard tell which blinds suits for your home the best. We want to make ordering blinds easy, and part of it is an interior design. That´s why we invited to help. Siret, the interior designer and manager of SikaSaka gives good advice on the choice of window blinds.


How does Siret help? Services and prices

  • Interior design consultation via internet – 25 euros
  • Interior design visit – 50 euros per hour + transportation


We also like beautiful interior design solutions!

We support making the world more beautiful. If you order 6 or more blinds, Rulo is ready to cover part or all of the cost of an interior designer.


If you would like to have an interior designer consultation, please write to us

Let´s make world more beautiful.