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Terms & Conditions

1. General Conditions

1.1. e-shop sells window blinds on special order made by the Costumer produced by EZ Rulo OÜ. Production is made and assembled in Saverna, Põlva County.

1.2. The Terms and Conditions apply to legal relationships arising between the costumer (hereinafter Costumer) and the EZ Rulo OÜ (hereinafter Seller), the owner of the purchasing environment (hereafter E-Shop), located at, in connection with ordering and purchasing Products. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of Products in the E-Shop are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

1.3. The Seller may change the Terms of use of the E-Shop and the prices of Products and services without a notice.

1.4. Seller details:

EZ Rulo OÜ; Reg. no. 14228818; Serva, 63418, Saverna village, Valgjärve parish, Põlva county, Republic of Estonia, 63418; Telephone (+372) 5696 0171; Email:

2. Prices

2.1. All prices displayed in the E-Shop are in euros and include VAT.

3. Products

3.1. Products displayed in the E-Shop are produced and assembled according to the Costumer’s order in the industrial premises of EZ Rulo OÜ in Saverna, Põlva County. The availability of these Products is guaranteed within a reasonable amount.

3.2. If the Costumer submits an order, but it appears that completion of the order is not possible within the authorized time frame in the e-shop, the Seller will contact the Costumer and propose the quickest possible solution. If the Customer does not agree with the proposed solution, the Customer shall be refunded the full amount of the purchase within two working days.

3.3. Photographs displayed in the E-Shop of Products are illustrative and may vary slightly from the actual appearance of the Product. The slight difference in color, detail or mechanism of the Products is the risk taken by the Customer when ordering from the E-Shop. Window blinds (Products) made by special order are not subject to the 14-day right of return under the Law of Obligations Act (VÕS § 53 lg 4 p-d 2 ja 3 in conjunction § 56 lg 1).  

3.4. Photos, videos and illustrations displayed in the E-Shop of the Products are the property of EZ Rulo OÜ, which may be copied or presented in other channels only with the written permission of EZ Rulo OÜ.

4. Making a Purchase

4.1. The Customer completes the desired Product in the E-Shop according to the instructions and adds it to the shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

4.2. To complete the Order, the Costumer must go to the Shopping Cart page: in the menu bar of the shopping cart, click on the “Payment options” button, after which the Costumer will be directed to the “Checkout” page. 

4.3. After entering the required data and checking the correctness of the data, the Costumer confirms the Order by clicking “Submit Order”. After this action, the Order has been confirmed and forwarded to the Seller.

4.4. The Costumer pays for the Product immediately via the Internet Bank Link and confirms to the Seller by clicking on the button “Return to Merchant”.

4.5. After paying for the Product, the E-Shop will send an Order Confirmation to the Customer’s e-mail.

4.6. The Customer undertakes to submit the necessary and true data to complete the order.

4.7. The Seller shall not be liable for the impossibility of execution of the order due to incorrect data provided by the Customer or for any consequences arising therefrom.

 5. Payment Methods

5.1. Orders can be safely paid via Estonian bank links (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Danske, LHV, Krediidipank) and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Pocopay).
5.2. The payment is executed outside the E-Shop environment in the secure payment environment of Maksekeskus AS.
5.3. The Seller does not have access to the Customer’s bank data and credit card information.

7. Shipping

7.1. The Customer can order the Product to the appropriate address through the delivery service ELS Kullerteenus.

7.2. Within Estonia, the delivery service is free of charge to the customer in the case of standard delivery (maximum 5 working days) and it is included to the price of the Product.

7.3. The express service fee (24h delivery) is 15 euros.

7.4. If the Customer wishes to return the Product, the Product must be returned to the aadress Saverna Village, Valgjärve Parish, Põlva County, Republic of Estonia, 63418 with Costumer´s costs. 

7.5. The Customer is obliged to verify the correctness of the contact data submitted before the order is made in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the Products. The Seller shall not be liable for any delays or misunderstandings in the delivery of the Products, if the delay or misunderstanding is due to the inaccuracy of the information provided by the Customer upon placing the order.

7.6. If the Product does not reach to the Customer in a good condition and in closed package, the Customer is obliged to inform the E-Shop by sending a corresponding letter to the e-mail address: or by calling (+372) 5696 0171.

8. Return and Order Replacement

8.1. Deriving from the Law of Obligations Act the window blinds (Products) made by special order are not subject to the 14-day right of return (VÕS § 53 lg 4 p-d 2 ja 3 koostoimes § 56 lg 1). The Seller may change or take back the Product if the cause is related to the quality or functionality of the Product. The Seller will not take back the Product if the return is due to incorrect data in the E-Shop or there is slight dissimilarity in colors between the images in the E-Shop and the Product sent to the Customer.

8.2. To return or replace the Products, the Costumer must submit a declaration within 14 days of receiving the Products. The declaration can be submitted by sending an unambiguous e-mail to Returns received by the Seller are accepted only with the declaration.

8.3. The Product which will be replaced or returned may not be damaged or with signs of use. The product must be packaged. Upon deterioration of the condition of the Product to be returned, the Customer shall be liable for the decrease in value due to the use of the Product only if Costumer has used the item in any other way than is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Product. In order to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Product, the Costumer should handle and use the item only as he/she would normally be allowed to do in the shop. The Seller returns the Purchase Amount to the Customer within 14 days from the receipt of the return declaration. The refund will be made to the same bank account from which the Customer paid for the returned order.

8.4. In case of return of the order, the Seller shall return to the Customer the entire received amount in the Contract, including the cost of delivery of the order paid by the Customer. If the order is partially returned and the order is accompanied by a delivery fee, the Seller may return the delivery cost in proportion to the number of returned products.

8.5. The refund is received by the Customer’s bank account no later than the following banking day. In case of credit card payment, the payment is received according to the terms and conditions of the Customer’s bank.

9. Complaint Procedure

9.1. The selled Products are subject to the 2-year term for filing complaints set out in VÕS §-s 218 lg-s 2.

9.2. In case of non-conformity or deficiencies of the Product, the Customer undertakes to inform the Seller immediately, but not later than within 2 months after the occurrence of the error, by sending the Costumer’s contact information, the exact description of the problem and the purchase receipt number to If the product is defective, please stop using the product immediately.

9.3. All complaints will be reviewed and Seller will contact with Customer as soon as possible, but not later than within 15 days of declaration of complaint.

9.4. Within the first six months of delivery of the Product to the Customer, it is assumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery. Rejection of this presumption is the responsibility of the Seller. In the event of a claim being filed, the costs related to the repair or replacement of the Product, in particular transport, postal, work, travel and material expenses, shall be paid by the Seller during the first six months (VÕS § 222 lg 4). In the next 1.5 years, the Seller will only pay the costs if the claim is justified.

9.5. The Consumer has the right to require the Seller to reduce the purchase price of the Product or to terminate the contract and to regain the money for the Products, if the Seller is unable to repair or replace the Product, the repair or replacement of the Product fails, the Seller has not eliminated the defect within a reasonable time and caused unjustified inconvenience to the Consumer.

9.6. The Consumer can rely on the legal remedies provided by law, including the requirement to perform the contract, lower the price, demand compensation and cancel the contract in case of non-compliance with the contract.

9.7. If the Product is not in conformity with the Contract, the costs of repairing the Product or replacing the Product shall be paid by the Seller, in particular the costs of transport, mail, labor, travel and materials.

9.8. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the unintended use of the ordered Products, as well as for delay in delivery, if this is due to circumstances beyond the Seller’s control and / or due to force majeure.

9.9. The Seller shall not indemnify for expenses to the Customer which incurred in the event of non-conformity or defects of the Product and shall not be liable for: if the value of the Product has dropped / the Product is damaged due to the Customer’s fault, the defects are caused by the unintended use of the Product, incl. due to non-observance of the maintenance instructions, the value of the product has decreased due to normal usage and no proof of purchase has been provided. The Seller shall not indemnify for the costs of incorrect installation or use of the Product. The seller is responsible for the installation of the product if it has been performed by a Seller or Seller’s representative.

10. Responsibility

10.1. The Seller and the Customer shall be liable to each other for any damage caused to the other party by violation of these Terms of Use in the cases and to the extent provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

10.2. The Seller is responsible to the extent of the price of the Product.

10.3. The Customer undertakes to use the E-shop service only for purposes consistent with law and good practice.

11. Privacy Policy

11.1. The Customer gives the Seller a clear and conscious consent to process their personal data.

11.2. Personal data that have become known to the Seller shall be entered in the Customer Register and is used to provide the Sales Service and to provide Products to the Customer.

11.3. The Seller shall keep the Customer’s contact information and information on purchases. This information is treated as confidential and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

11.4. The personal data which is necessary for sending the Products to the Customer shall be forwarded to the delivery service company.

11.5. The personal data which is necessary to make a payment shall be forwarded to the Maksekeskus AS and to the bank chosen by the Customer.

11.6. The Customer’s personal data will not be disclosed to non-party parties and third parties.

11.7. The Seller may use the Customer’s personal data to send the Customer information about special offers and campaigns by e-mail. The newsletter includes instructions for removing from mailing lists.

11.8. The Customer has the right to request the deletion of his / her data from the database of EZ Rulo OÜ.

11.9. Data communication between the Client and the banks and the payment center is encrypted, which ensures the security of the Customer’s personal data and bank data. Payment is made outside the E-Shop environment, in a secure payment environment of the respective bank or service provider. The E-Shop does not have access to the Customer’s bank data and credit card information.

11.10. Personal data which is required to making order:

  • Name and surname;
  • Phone number;
  • Email;
  • Address.

Personal data are processed by EZ Rulo OÜ Serva, 63418, Saverna village, Valgjärve Parish, Põlva County, Republic of Estonia, 63418; Reg. no. 14228818; Phone (372) 5696 0171; Email:

12. Terms of Use and Modification

12.1. When registering or making a purchase in the E-Shop, the Customer agrees to the Terms of Use of the E-Shop and undertakes to comply with them.

12.2. The sales contract between the Seller and the Customer comes into effect from the receipt of the purchase amount payable to the Seller’s current account.

12.3. The Seller may change the terms of use of the E-Shop and the prices of the Products. The change notice is published in the E-Shop environment. The transaction is subject to the terms and prices applicable at the time of the transaction.

12.4. Seller has the right to refuse to fulfill the order if due to a technical mistake the Product price displayed in the E-Shop was incorrect.

13. Other conditions

13.1. Disagreements between the Customer and the Seller shall be resolved by negotiation.

13.2. If the Costumer has any complaints about the E-Shop, these must be sent by e-mail to or called by phone: (+372) 5696 0171.

If the Costumer and Seller are unable to settle the dispute by agreement, the Costumer can turn to the Consumer Disputes Committee. Procedural conditions can be consulted and the application filed here. The Consumer Disputes Committee is competent to settle disputes arising from the agreement concluded between the Costumer and the Seller. Reviewing the Costumers’s complaint by the Commission is free of charge.

The Costumer can turn to the European Union consumer dispute resolution platform here

14. Customer Support

14.1. Customer support email address is: Customer support is closed on public holidays.