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Loyalty Program

Like a mafia? In a sense, but not in negative and criminal way. If I would know better word in Estonian that would describe closeness and standing up for each other, I would gladly use it. We want to keep people, who believe in our ideas and share our values, close.

Are you one of those?

Make a quick inventory of your mind now:

  1. Have you ordered blinds from us? (Minimum quantity 4 blinds)
  2. Were you satisfied enough to recommend us?
  3. Do you like our idea, style and business?

If all the answers were “YES”, but you haven’t received an invitation to join the Rulo family, enter your email address and we’ll get in touch:

    How does Rulo’s Loyalty Program Work?

    Members of the Rulo Loyalty Program will always receive their blinds and leaflets under the best conditions! No matter what ads or campaigns run for new customers, loyalty program membership conditions are better!

    The founding members of the loyalty program (those who believed in Rulo from the very beginning, during the first two years (until 1.06.19)) will receive personal invitations and receive a -25% off in e-shop all year round! If you know of one of Rulo’s founding members, ask them for a year-round discount of -20%. All new subscribers to the loyalty program will also receive a -20% off coupon to keep or share with friends and acquaintances throughout the year.

    Founding members of the loyalty program: Helen Vestla, Eileen Kubpart, Terje Helbma, Silvia Allik, Ann Norden, Terje Piho, Rivo Tepper, Gerli Luhtaru, Harry Auväärt, Kristina Mitt, Epp Mõttus, Kristiina AIgro, Karl Hallik, Raili Themas, Merilin Sepp, Stina Vool , Kristiina Kevvät. If you know any of them, ask for their personal coupon to get a discount.