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RULO x SOMA (motorized shades)

In our e-shop you can order blinds with SOMA engine system. What are electric blinds and why to choose SOMA?


Make your life easier!

Yes, you can roll all your blinds at home by yourself in every morning and evening, but you can do something better with that time. Let the hot water run from the tap, the car keep its speed by itself and the dishwasher wash all the dishes – you are worth of this convenience.

Who rolls the blinds then?

It is top notch technology developed by young and smart software and hardware developers in Tartu, Estonia. The idea started because they had windows in the office that were difficult to access. Thanks to its simplicity and reliability, SOMA has succeeded both in Europe and in the US.

Wait, how it works?

If you have connected SOMA device to your blinds, download SOMA app to your smartphone, follow the installation instructions and voila! Move the blinds up and down from the app, set the timer that automatically rolls the blinds in the morning and in the evening – just have fun and worry less.

Wires and batteries?

No, the SOMA system do not have them at all. To charge, connect the SOMA device to the adapter or use a solar panel solution which is attached to the window glass. Chill – SOMA got your back.

Why do we offer SOMA devices? Helena, the owner of SOMA blinds, shares her experience:

The man of our family works in the IT field and it also affects our daily life. Whatever you can improve by technology it is done at our home. It is known that development of technology comes from the comfort needs and for us it also includes the automation of the blinds. That is why we were looking forward to install such blinds. 

I enjoy being able to set a time and day when the blinds are rolling up and down. First of all, it improves our awakening as we know that it is best to wake up with light. You are much more awake and feeling better all day long. Secondly, as we live on the ground floor and the passers-by easily see inside from the windows. By setting the blinds according to the sunrise and sunset, it blocks the view of the passers-by and you do not need  constantly monitor the blinds. Thirdly, it makes travelling easier. I have a lot of plants that are not on the window sill, it means that while on the travel, home is hidden from the eyes of strangers at night and at the same time the plants use all the light on the day time.

But why SOMA devices? For us, it is a big advantage that these devices are charged with solar energy. They come with small solar panels that can be attached to the window glass. The devices are small and you can control them comfortably from the mobile app. This allows you to combine the blinds with a smart home.

Also, installing is not complicated or very different from the usual installation of a blinds. While installing the chain, download mobile app and follow the instructions there.

Last but not least, they are produced in Tartu – so we support Estonian technology. 

How do I buy this device? At the time of completing the order of the blinds e-shop, you can add a check mark (€ 99) to your order – comfortable, right.