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Why another e-shop for window blinds?


Blinds are in interior design stores, blinds are in construction stores, blinds are on the internet. You go and choose. If you’re comfortable with the modern day, you hit the keyword on the internet, click on the first page of a trusted-looking provider, pick out blinds, and order – what’s complicated? I  thought so too. I describe my suffering in buying window blinds and how the idea of came about.

Blinds from the store: 4-8 weeks and 60-600 euros?

On the first day of moving into a rented apartment, I promised to my family to swap bedroom blinds for the better ones. The old blind´s mechanisms were broken and the details tired. The color of the fabric was also terrible, but over time it got used to it. Half a year later, I accidentally found myself in a blinds shop where I remembered the promise I made to my family. Better late than not at all, right.

In the shop I discovered that it is not exactly easy to buy blinds.

First of all, I didn’t know the dimension of the window, nor could I tell the specialist where I wanted to place the blinds – either on the window, between the window sills or on the wall. He expected me to know.

Secondly, the store had 5-10 catalogs of fabrics, thousands of shades and materials in total. As a man, I am not able to make such choices. If I had chosen the right ones among the thousands, I would have had to wait 4-8 weeks for the blinds, depending on when the fabric reaches to warehouse.

Thirdly, since I do not know the size of the window and cannot select the appropriate fabric, it is not possible to estimate how much this order will cost. According to the merchant, the price range can be between 60 and 600 euros depending on the size and the fabric.

The blinds were not purchased this time either.

Blinds from the internet

Be stupid, but be clever! When I did not get the blinds from physical store, I thought about buying blinds online. I knew that I would be able to discuss it with my family and the take the measurements I needed right away. Foolproof plan! I was surprised to find out that the competition in the market is intense and everyone has great websites, but buying blinds online is a piece of work.

The first problem with ordering blinds online is navigating between fabrics. The e-shops wants offer as wide selection as possible, but it is impossible to capture and present all fabrics properly. From small pictures (3×3 cm squares) it is impossible to understand how fabric with extra details could look like.

Another problem with ordering blinds online is the lack of e-shop features. To most competitors you will have to send a price request after the selection and then wait for the offer to be emailed. Since price is an important part of the selection process, I want to see how much the blinds I desire will cost during making order online.

The third finding was that most competitors offer two weeks for delivery. It definitely depends on the circumstances and the person, but when I buy something online I want the goods to arrive to me as soon as possible. I’m used to comfort and expect a quick fix (I buy at the last minute instead of planning it ahead).

Can’t it be easier?

Folks are saying that wherever you see mistake, come and help. From the beginning, the idea of has been to create an e-shop that would make buying blinds easy and fast. By simplicity we mean both selection and assembly. For fast delivery we make the blinds by ourselves and we keep all the fabrics and mechanisms in stock. Production is located in Saverna, Põlva County, in a newly renovated production facility. In addition to blinds, in the same house are produced natural wood preservatives (link), barrel saunas, hot tubs and campsites (link), and hemp oil products.

Our business model consists of three hypotheses:

  1. The concrete choice of fabrics makes decision making easier;
  2. The price must be visible throughout whole process;
  3. When I order, I want to get the blinds asap.

In addition, we recognize that while comfort and simplicity are appreciated by our target audience, this does not mean that they are willing to pay more for it. We have set our prices lower than the industry leaders, somewhere in the middle.

The world’s best online shop for blinds is now ready?

Maybe in your own head and at the level of ideas, but primary running version, is far from perfect. When we see that the hypotheses described in the business model are true, then we add product lines, fabrics, functionality and everything else to make the shopping experience faster, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Thank you for your attention,

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